December 7, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Maker Stardew Valley announces a new game: Haunted Chocolatier

bam! Eric Barron, aka ConcernedApe and better known as the man behind Stardew Valley, is working on a new game. After ten years of working on his beloved farming simulator, he thought it was time to announce his next game. With the trailer below and Comprehensive blog post Now reveals the haunted chocolate maker. The game has only been in development for a year, and Barone himself doesn’t know what it is now, but anyone who loves Stardew Valley will feel right at home. We will exchange the farm for a scary chocolate factory!

Barron doesn’t want to reveal much about Haunted Chocolatier just yet, except that it’s all about collecting ingredients, making chocolate, and running the chocolate shop. Where Stardew Valley was primarily about being humble, “living off the land” and connecting with people and nature, Barone now wants to unleash his imagination. According to him, this entails all kinds of magical possibilities, so ghosts and chocolates are of course a very nice starting point.

ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier is in development for PC, though Barone says he’d like to release it on other platforms as well. We don’t know when the game should be released, so Barron doesn’t even want to give an estimate just yet, so he can continue working undisturbed, without a strict deadline. This isn’t the only new project ConcernedApe says he’s working on, but it’s the one he thinks he’ll finish first.

Here, more screenshots, because you ask kindly!