February 5, 2023

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Mandela’s granddaughter is angry at Harry and Meghan: “They are using the grandfather’s name to make millions” | Kings

KingsNdelica Mandela (57), the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, is furious with Harry (38) and Meghan (41). She believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex used her grandfather’s words to make money. “People have been stealing my grandfather’s sayings for years and using his legacy because they know his name is being sold. Harry and Meghan are no different.”

In an excerpt from the Netflix documentary “Live To Lead”, about leaders who want to make a difference in the world, Producer Harry stated that the documentary was inspired by Nelson Mandela. Ndelika is disappointed that the couple seem to compare their fight against the royal family to the long road her grandfather took to freedom.

Take advantage of stolen quotes

It was “upsetting and upsetting”, she told The Australian newspaper. The Nelson Mandela Foundation co-created Live To Lead. This is why Harry quotes his famous words “What matters in life is not just the fact that we have lived.” Ndelika: “I know the Nelson Mandela Foundation supported the initiative, but for years people have been stealing grandfather’s quotes and using his legacy because they know his name is being sold. Harry and Meghan are no different.”

She said she admired Harry “for having the confidence to walk away from such a high-profile institution as the Royal Family”. But she says: “He has to be honest and stick to his own story. What is the significance of Grandpa’s life in his life?” People make millions, without benefiting from the Mandela family.”

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