October 5, 2022

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Many major companies cancel CES – IT Pro – News

For the consumer, yes, but that is of course not what these types of conferences are intended for. If they want to advertise something to the consumer, they put a video on YouTube, and then you reach a lot more people.

This event is of course not just some presentation of people, it is a business event for networking and so on. Online presentations can be done well, and you’ll never be able to do the exhibition itself properly online, and that doesn’t work very well. Of course there’s VR and Metaverse and I know a lot about buzzwords, and that’s a good solution for people who can’t come to a trade show, but it’s definitely a bad alternative for the business market.

Edit: And don’t forget that the tech market is much more than just consumer products. No, the company that manufactures 3D printers may not be the largest in the world, but it can still play an important role for certain companies. The approach that CES is just for the consumer and ‘video is good too’ does a bit of an injustice to the type of event and to the giant business market that exists as well.

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