July 21, 2024

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Many questions, few answers for Ferrero employees

Many questions, few answers for Ferrero employees

The employees of the Ferrero factory in Arlon have many questions about their short-term future. On Friday, the Federal Food Agency (FAVV) withdrew the production license for the site due to 100 cases of salmonella infection in Europe in recent weeks. So far, employees have received few answers, according to Saturday’s meeting between management and unions.

For the week of Monday, April 11, the FASFC’s decision does not change the situation, since a week off for employees has been planned for an extended period. Maintenance and cleaning work is planned as of April 19. Some staff is needed for this, but we do not yet know how many staff members are involved. That’s why we asked management for an action plan, says Sylvian Arnold (ACV Nutrition).

After that, everything will depend on the date of the reopening of the Arlon plant. The FASFC has indicated that it will grant permission to reopen only after the agency can determine that the plant meets all food safety rules and requirements.

“The company assures us that it is doing everything possible to restart quickly, but that employees will have to be patient. It is possible that there will be temporary unemployment for some employees, which means a financial loss for the workers involved,” said Sylvian Arnold.

Unions have also asked management to improve communication with employees. The unions called for a new media meeting next week. No date has been announced.

According to Ferrero’s website, the Arlon plant, which opened in 1989, employs 725 people. At the seasonal peak, this can rise to 1,100. The eight product lines produce approximately 18 million Kinder Schoko-Bons, two million Kinder Surprises and four million Raffaellos per day. Almost all production (96 percent) is exported to 45 countries around the world.

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