December 5, 2023

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Mark (58) works for his own account to prevent access to the ING branch: "Account has been blocked since October without being seen" |  sorrow

Mark (58) works for his own account to prevent access to the ING branch: “Account has been blocked since October without being seen” | sorrow

Asse / TernatMark Mert, 58, a director of the namesake company from Ternate, protested at the ING branch in Asia on Tuesday. He parked his truck in front of the entrance door with the intention of closing the entrance. His professional checking account was banned in October, and according to him, the situation is hopeless. Near noon, he was told the team would look into the case, and he left. “I can sketch out my plan at the moment,” he says, “but it won’t take much longer.” “If I have to, I’ll be back next week.”

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Meert owns a company along Assesteenweg in Ternat that specializes in the installation of windows, doors and solar blinds. “On October 19, my professional ING checking account was suddenly banned,” he says. “Like a thunderbolt out of the blue, because I was not notified in any way. At first I was affiliated with Ternat’s office, but after closing there everything was transferred to Asse. They couldn’t help me there. It was only going to be resolved when my ID was read But that didn’t help. I eventually went to Ninove and they were able to provide a solution for a while. As of the end of November, I was able to use my existing account again. I thought it was resolved, but I transferred half of the amount in that account to another bank of For safety. Fortunately, it turns out. Because on December 23, my account was banned again and there is no possibility of improvement.”

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No one seems to be able to help Mark with his problem. “I was given papers to fill out and had someone read them first,” Mark continues. “I signed it and finally sent it on Jan 11, but now a month later there is no solution yet. Apparently no one can help me. I also called the help desk and they told me they saw the problem. However, this guy was not allowed to tell me What’s the problem and I had to call the bank manager. So off again. I’m sick of it.”

Marc Meert of Ternat campaigns at the ING branch in Gemeenteplein in Asse. © Tom Ferndells

second entrance

That’s why Mert decided to take action today at the Asse branch. “Because that’s where the problem is,” he says. “I parked my truck in front of the entrance door of the self-service banking area around 9am. But because of the stairs and the towbar I didn’t get to the door. So people can still get in if they want. There is a second entrance. I will stand here all day if there is no solution. I have some Work to do, until I occupy myself here. The bank manager first spoke 24 hours for a solution and shortly afterwards it suddenly started taking 48 hours. So again there is no solution. If nothing is done by next week I will come back and close All bank entrances. Again on Tuesday, because it’s a market here and more customers are likely to come in to collect money.” Around noon Mert decided to end his protest.

Suddenly on Tuesday afternoon, white smoke appeared coming out of the chimney. “Someone from the head office called me and a team is working on my file,” Mert gave an update. “Usually I have a resolution 16 hours in advance. If it is not resolved today or this week, I will come back next week.”

make a plan

Despite the account ban, freelancers can still plan. “My company has been around since 1988 and fortunately I’ve already built something,” he says. “So I have another account. Right now, I can still pay my three employees and can also pay the suppliers, even though standing orders etc. are gone now. But imagine you haven’t been busy for a long time and something like that happens to you?” It doesn’t take long for me at all. I’ve been a customer for forty years and can actually buy a gift here, but now I have to object.”

The bank manager says he is unable to respond and refers to ING’s head office for more information.

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Controlling cash flow and customers

“We will not go into individual customer files and therefore will not provide further details on this issue,” ING spokesperson Joëlle Neeb said. We can say we are aware of the situation. We have been in contact with him by phone and will update him. After this conversation, the man stopped his act. ”

Account blocking may be part of the checks that financial institutions have to perform. Mert may not have responded to the request for these checks or responded too late. “Know Your Customer (KYC) is and remains essential to provide full transparency for determining cash flows or end beneficiaries, among other things,” Knip continues. “We are required to have accurate and up-to-date information about our clients. In recent years, the regulatory framework has been significantly strengthened, with stricter anti-money laundering obligations for banks, stricter penalties and higher fines. The bank operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Concretely, this means that we must clearly identify each existing and new customer.This means that we include name, birthplace, occupation, The ultimate beneficiaries…and that we should be in possession of their identity documents. In addition, this customer data must be updated regularly. For this purpose, messages (recorded) are regularly sent to clients.

Mert informed us that he has not received any registered email regarding this.

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