December 8, 2022

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Mark Kelly wins Arizona Democrats' single-seat majority in the Senate

Mark Kelly wins Arizona Democrats’ single-seat majority in the Senate

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly has been re-elected in the US state of Arizona, US media reported Friday. President Joe Biden’s party is just one seat away from a majority in the Senate. In Nevada, a Republican governor was elected.

According to CNN and CBS, former astronaut Mark Kelly defeated Republican opponent Blake Masters in the southwestern state. The Democrat has been married to former politician Gabrielle Giffords since 2007. A few months after she was seriously injured in a shooting incident in 2011, Kelly decided to quit her job as an astronaut at NASA to take care of her.

Both Democrats and Republicans have so far won 49 Senate seats, with two remaining. If neither party wins a majority, Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who is also the speaker of the Senate, will vote.

Nevada Governor

Republicans won the Nevada gubernatorial election. According to various media outlets, Governor Joe Lombardo defeated Democrat Steve Sisolak. Lombardo received the support of former Republican President Donald Trump during the election campaign.

The US midterm elections, which also elect governors, take place on Tuesday, but the vote counting in Nevada took a lot of time because both opponents were matched equally and because of the state’s ballot regulations.

New Nevada Governor: Republican Joe Lombardo.

Photo: AFP

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