December 1, 2023

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Mark (58) works for his own account to prevent access to the ING branch: "Account has been blocked since October without being seen" |  sorrow

Mark Mert (58) wins after protest at ING: Account locked since October, but now problem suddenly resolved in eight hours | sorrow

Asse / TernatHowever, a solution was found for Mark Mert (58) of Ternate. You know, the self-employed person who blocked access to the ING Asse branch with his pickup on Tuesday morning. Mark did this because he hasn’t had access to his bank account since October. As a result of the protest, the ING team suddenly did everything possible to solve the problem. With success as it turned out. “Because after eight hours I was able to make the transfers again,” Mert said.

Mert, who owns a business in windows, doors and sunshades, put his truck in front of the entrance door to a self-service banking room around 9 a.m. Tuesday. His motto was “You’re blocking my trading money for no reason, I’m closing your door.” Around noon, the man finally stopped working after a phone call. He was reassured that a team was working on his file and that they had news before 4pm. “I also had an efficient answer just before 4pm,” he says. “The explanation was that the forms, totaling nine pages, that I signed and submitted in early January were still being processed. But there was also a technical issue. Anyway, I tested them around 7pm. In the evening and was able to make a conversion “.

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bad will

So the work of Mark Mert paid off. “What didn’t work for weeks, they are now able to solve in eight hours,” he says. “It is clear to me that there must have been at least one person in bad faith. If they had wanted to solve it, they would have done it sooner. But it also shows that we have to defend ourselves. I felt compelled to take action to get something done. But Beware, I was polite. Because I couldn’t drive to the door, people can still get in and out. And there was an old lady who came from the market and wanted to enter with two shopping bags. For her, I let my car bulge forward a bit. In the meantime, I seem to have too Lots of support. I’ve seen hundreds of comments on social media, but there are also people who have reached out to me personally through the company. Many have gone through the same or have been in the same situation. One Ternat person even informed me that the problem has been going on for a year and that he had to take It’s all up to the court to fix it.”

‘Defending our rights’

It is left open whether the man will remain a client of ING. “But from now on, I will transfer the money daily to the daily limit of the account I have in another bank,” he says. “My account got banned between October 19 and November 29. Then I thought I got rid of it, but suddenly the account was closed again on December 23. So maybe things will go wrong again soon. And as I said on Tuesday: I have my company since 1988 and so I did Already building something, but let’s say you’re just getting started and only have one account in one bank. Then you might have a problem that could lead to bankruptcy. Biggest lesson I’ve learned: We all need to stand up for our rights. The money they blocked was my money, hey.”

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