December 6, 2022

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De Yellow Tigers zijn heel goed op dreef op het WK volleybal.

Mark Willems: “Today we will know if the quarter-finals are close for the Yellow Tigers” | Volleyball World Cup

After a fantastic opening week at the Volleyball World Cup, the Yellow Tigers will face Japan in the second round this afternoon. “You can be sure the Tigers are hoping to take the adventure again at this World Cup,” says Mark Willems, our volleyball player.

The Volleyball World Cup is a huge success for the Yellow Tigers at the moment. In a group that included Italy and the Netherlands, Belgium took second place.

“I knew there was a chance that the Tigers would beat a big team,” says volleyball commentator Mark Willems. “But they surprised me with the level they achieved against Italy and against Holland.”

“It is also a pleasure to see that the Tigers have played 5 good matches.”

“First there was a great strong start against Puerto Rico, then the match against Kenya, followed by a great match against Italy and the most amazing match against Holland. The Tamil Tigers also played very well against Cameroon yesterday.”

It is a pleasure to see that the Tigers have played 5 good games.

Mark Williams

Britt Herbots plays a major role in those Belgian successes. “Herbots is in the top 5 in the world,” says Willems.

“All the Tigers know they rely a lot on Herbots. Her mates are doing things that aren’t very obvious to give Herbots more scoring opportunities.”

Gert Vande Brook once put it very nicely: ‘Every player has to be up front in order for Brett Herbots to be up front. “

“So everyone plays the best player on the team.”

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“Why couldn’t the Tigers defeat Japan?”

The “Yellow Tiger” team qualifies for the second round with 12 points, where Argentina and the top players are waiting for China, Brazil and Japan. National team coach Geert Vande Brook and players remain cautious when it comes to ambitions.

“Obviously this is well grounded,” concludes Willems.
The players set a common goal and that was the top 12 goal.”

“You can be sure the Tigers are also hoping to take the adventure again in the second round.”

If the Tigers lose to Japan, there is still a game against Brazil or China to force a place in the quarter-finals.

Mark Williams

Argentina can definitely handle tigers. Brazil, China and Japan are different on paper.

Willems analyzes: “The Tigers have never won against Brazil, China has great prestige, Japan plays amazing volleyball, but its height is a little lower.”

“The Belgians have proven that they can put their feet on Italy’s side and that they can defeat the Netherlands. Why can’t they beat Japan now? It is not clear, but it is possible.”

“If we can hurt the Japanese with our kicks and make sure they can play at a lower speed, chances are.”

This afternoon at 2.15 pm, tigers look Japan in their eyes. “Already then we will know if the quarter-finals are very close.”

“If the Tigers lose to Japan, there is still a game against Brazil or China to force a place in the quarter-finals.”

Belgium has already won a stunning victory over the Netherlands in this World Cup.

“Tigers have already passed, but not yet par excellence”

If the second round is the last stop, did the Tigers fail at the World Cup?

Willems judges “the moment they have already passed”. “But not yet
Honours. So they have to beat Argentina and take part in the other three matches.”

“If they make it to the quarter-finals, the Tigers will have passed with distinction.”

Watch Japan and Belgium live broadcast today

The match between the Tigers and Japan can be watched live on canvas at 2:10 pm. You can also watch the match live on or in the sporza app.

Yellow Tigers in the Volleyball World Cup

The second group stage

Results Yellow Tigers in Group E.
Japan Belgium Tuesday 2.15 pm
Belgium Argentina Wednesday 8.15 pm
Brazil Belgium Saturday 17 am
China Belgium Sunday 12:30 pm
E group sites.
W Fifth groups ptn
1. Italia 5 15-2 15th
2. China 4 1 13-3 12
3. Belgium 4 1 13-4 12
4. Japan 4 1 12-4 12
5. Brazil 4 1 13-5 12
6. Holland 3 2 7-11 9
7. Puerto Rico 2 3 7-10 6
8. Argentina 2 3 6-12 5

Belgium plays group matches in Rotterdam (Ned). The top four in both groups qualify for the quarter-finals.