December 7, 2023

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Marka Farrash touches on Maxime Milland after her mother's anti-Islam comments |  showbiz

Marka Farrash touches on Maxime Milland after her mother’s anti-Islam comments | showbiz

showbizDutch mattress brand Emma decided to immediately end its collaboration with Maxime Meiland (26). The company made this decision due to anti-Islamic comments from her mother Erica (58).

In her latest autobiography, Erica Milland compares women who wear the burqa to penguins and describes the veil as “unnatural.” She also says that Islam “brings a lot of misery” and that she wants to stop that. So the card company, Hallmark, decided to cancel cooperation with it last week.

Mattress brand Emma Now also said in a statement on Instagram that it is an international and diversified company. It appears that “our values ​​conflict with Erica’s comments”. “But because we do not want to judge Maxim based on her mother’s opinions, we have given her the opportunity to respond publicly. But she has not responded to this yet.”

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That’s why it was decided that Maxime would no longer promote mattresses. “We do not accept that a group of people are judged on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic,” the brand said on Monday.

The reality star has not yet commented on the end of the collaboration. SBS6, which broadcasts the series about the Meiland family, said last week that it did not want to comment on the riots.

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