October 1, 2022

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Marko issues a warning after a boisterous evening: "Otherwise we will reconsider our participation."

Marko issues a warning after a boisterous evening: “Otherwise we will reconsider our participation.”

When it was announced yesterday that the hosts had turned down Mercedes’ protests, it was a big party at Red Bull. The doubt was over and the world title was definitely for Max Verstappen. However, there was still some discomfort in the Austrian racing stable.

Team advisor Helmut Marko was particularly angry. The fact that there had been a lack of clarity for so long made him feel uneasy. He reacted forcefully to Motorsport-Total.com: “It is absurd that the decision on the last race of the season has been delayed for so long. This is something that speaks in favor of a bad loser. A loser who makes such objections and protests.”

Reconsider the post

The not-so-clear regulations still provoke anger in Marco. So he sprinkles with threats: “We will reconsider our engagement if people don’t start thinking about how to improve the rules. Everything must be reconsidered. All rules must be adapted to the creed ‘Let’s race!'” “

moral winner

However, the Austrian chancellor is full of happiness. His student Verstappen took the world title and that was all he was about. Marco shares this with the outside world: “We don’t care anymore. We’re the moral winners. We’re the winners, the way you want them to.”

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