March 29, 2023

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Martine Prenen on dismissal from VRT: 'I kicked the wrong legs'

Martine Prenen on dismissal from VRT: ‘I kicked the wrong legs’

Fifteen years ago, Martin Brennan was forced to bid farewell to the VRT team. The presenter had to “reinvent herself,” she says in an interview with “All Day.”

Martin Brin has been the host of Showbiz for years Red Carpet on me. Prenen last presented the program on January 1, 2007. Her contract with Eén then expired and was not extended further. in Hello all Brennan looks back at that moment. I wanted more, to become a reporter again, to give interviews and connect with people. This is not possible by reading autocue in the studio. That’s what I started telling my boss,” she says.

Or was this the reason for hating a sudden goodbye? “I’ve made it clear that I no longer feel good in my work, and I’m afraid I’m kicking the wrong legs.”

Prenen recently published a book. Restart It’s called, “Because trial and error, the seemingly endless search for balance and equilibrium, is sometimes hard,” it seems. Prenen herself also had to “reboot” after leaving VRT. “On the other hand, it was a gift. Had this not happened to me, I would not have found the place and time to study and find a new path.”

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