July 21, 2024

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Marvel Rivals game announced for PS5;  Closed beta in July

Marvel Rivals game announced for PS5; Closed beta in July

Publisher NetEase announced the PS5 version of Marvel Rivals during its latest State of Play. The game is played as a team-based PvP shooter, where two teams of six players compete against each other as Marvel heroes. Before the PS5 version was revealed, two new characters were immediately announced: Venom and Adam Warlock.

So, in total, the roster will contain 19 characters including Spider-Man, Hela, Magneto, Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, and many more. Of course, this is not an arena shooter in the classic sense of the word, because you attack enemies with superpowers instead of weapons. For example, Venom can eat opponents, while Spider-Man can swing through environments. Magneto’s magnetic powers allow him to stop projectiles, while Adam Warlock unleashes quantum magic.

The cool thing is that some superheroes also have a team attack. For example, Rocket can climb onto Groot’s shoulders and safely destroy all enemies. Furthermore, The Hulk can enhance Iron Man’s nanosuit to obtain a powerful Unibeam.

The game’s closed beta is scheduled to launch in July, although it’s still unknown where and how you can sign up for it. Check out the new trailer below.

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