March 25, 2023

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Matthew Mertens shows how to finish chances and is OHL's Man of the Match

Matthew Mertens shows how to finish chances and is OHL’s Man of the Match

In duels that the OHL team does not win, it is often due to missed opportunities. Matthew Mertens scored against the Standard twice. Also the way it was really worth watching. He also provided his team with complete loot, and recognized the man of the match right away.

Although this award could have also gone to Xavier Mercier. No goals without good supplies. the taste With which the French offered his help, it was a feast for the eyes. But the finishes done by Maertens were also of high quality. And since OHL regularly lacks calmness in the truth zone, you should also focus on his time around.

Nor is it always easy for Maertens to put himself in the spotlight from his position. That worked out very well against Standard, thanks to his offsides as well. This put him in a good position to score. As with 1-0. It’s nice to run into such an intersection. Martins did so with complete conviction, outwitting a defender and pushing the always-important opening goal against the ropes.

Technically perfectly executed lube

A superb run by Maertens early on was also crucial in the 2-0 scoreline. Half the battle, so to speak, though there is still a lot to do next. Mertens found the space just fine and saw Bodart outside his line. Loeb’s choice was absolutely the right choice. You also have to be able to do it and Maertens did it perfectly. I master it. OHL now knows how to finish chances. Maertens is the example.