February 2, 2023

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Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk's unpublished reaction to 'DWDD' distortion sounds different: 'Do me a favor' |  showbiz

Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk’s unpublished reaction to ‘DWDD’ distortion sounds different: ‘Do me a favor’ | showbiz

The Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” was able to put its hand on the statements, which did not eventually reach Van Nieuwkerk’s official statement. Read the following. “The fact that we apparently couldn’t give everyone a safe and secure feeling had to do with the shear-scissors of ambition to make the best television in the country every single day. Something I’ve been trying for fifteen years.” He also responds to cues. “How about implying that I had brought someone to their knees? That I would have made Paris unsafe? Do me a favor.”

a look. Former colleague Matthijs van Nieuwkerk testifies about the culture of fear: “Matthis yelled ‘You have to leave here, I don’t want to see you again'”

The Dutch broadcaster, who presented Popquiz last week on VTM, was at the center of the storm last week after an investigation by De Volkskrant showed that behind the scenes of “The World Goes on Turning” he acted like a tyrant. … This emerged from conversations with more than seventy employees. Meanwhile, Dutch broadcaster NPO launched an investigation to further investigate the abuses, and Van Nieuwkerk also left BNNVARA.

a look. Quick Explanation: Who is Matthijs van Nieuwkerk?

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