December 1, 2022

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Max Verstappen concludes the season with his 15th victory, Leclerc vice world champion |  Formula 1

Max Verstappen concludes the season with his 15th victory, Leclerc vice world champion | Formula 1

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) put his world title in the spotlight with his 15th Formula 1 World Cup victory. The Dutchman beat Charles Leclerc in Abu Dhabi, who took home the Vice World title thanks to his second place. Sergio Perez had to be content with third place: in the race and in the championship.

Verstappen from start to finish

The battle for first place was short. Max Verstappen took pole position without any problems.

He quickly pulled away from teammate Perez and only briefly had to give up pole position to Leclerc. After the mandatory pit stop, Verstappen was back in the lead.

The 25-year-old Dutchman scored his 15th win (out of 22 races). He replied, “Great.” “It will be difficult to repeat this season, but it motivates us.”

Perez gambles two holes, stops and loses

Max Verstappen would have helped his teammate Sergio Perez if he could, but that didn’t happen. And the Mexican snatched next to the second place in the Abu Dhabi World Cup.

Perez had to stay ahead of Leclerc at the Emirates. At the start he was one place higher, a wrong stopping strategy killed him.

Red Bull asked Perez to make two substitutions during the race. Ferrari decided to call Leclerc out just once to get new tyres.

The Italians were actually right. Leclerc finished with a big bonus second over Perez. In the World Cup position, Monegasque performs better with 3 more points (308 compared to 305).

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“It is what it is,” Perez said. “I struggled a bit with the tires this season. Hopefully next year we can make progress on that front.”

“I was 100 percent sure we could succeed,” Leclerc said after winning the grand prize. “I knew I could only beat ‘Checo’ by one stop. We drove the perfect race.”

“Now it’s up to us to work hard in the winter. To catch up with Red Bull next season.”

Now it’s up to us to work hard in the winter to keep up with Red Bull next season.

Charles Locklear

Vettel tenth, Hamilton’s first winless season

Sebastian Vettel’s team (35) also chose the wrong tire strategy. Aston Martin opted for one replacement.

The 4-time world champion cost a good result in his last race as a Formula 1 driver. He came 10th in Abu Dhabi.

“Wrong strategy, but I enjoyed it,” Vettel said afterwards. “Thank you for the support, the flags, and all the smiles. I will miss her.”

Lewis Hamilton (37) did not reach the finish line. 7-time world champion Mercedes failed in the final rounds. For the first time in his career he finished the season without a win.

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