December 9, 2022

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Max Verstappen: "Hamilton didn't want to give me space, I thought we left him behind" -

Max Verstappen: “Hamilton didn’t want to give me space, I thought we left him behind” –

At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was awarded a five-second penalty for a collision with Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen does not agree with this punishment because, according to him, Hamilton had no intention of giving him space.

“As soon as I drove next to him, I felt that he had no intention of giving me space,” Verstappen said. “And if you don’t give space, you just want to collide?”

“I thought after last year we’d put him behind, we’d just race. When I rode next to him I was like ‘Okay let’s have a good race.'”

“Then you feel whether or not the passenger wants to give you space. There was absolutely no intention of giving me space.”

However, the hosts disagreed with Verstappen and decided to punish him, not Lewis Hamilton.

“Honestly I was surprised when I got a five-second penalty,” Verstappen said. “I mean I wasn’t completely upset but if you ask me would I ever do it again? Absolutely.”

“I was next to him about 85 percent and didn’t intend to crash. However, I felt like he wouldn’t give me space in that corner. And yes, then we raced against each other.”

“If he had driven a little more to the left, he would have stayed ahead anyway. It’s a pity.”

“I want to race. I want a good fight, but if not the other…”

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