July 25, 2024

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McDonald’s packaging materials are designated as a protected urban heritage

McDonald’s packaging materials are designated as a protected urban heritage

Image: 24K-Production / Shutterstock.com

RotterdamThe packaging materials found at McDonald’s have been added to the List of Protected Urban Heritage (BSE). The new status of BSE should ensure that packaging does not disappear from the streets.

McDonald’s packaging has been part of the Dutch cityscape for decades. But because of all kinds of regulations, hamburger containers, potato chip bags and Coke cups are at risk of disappearing from the streets. Protected urban heritage status should ensure that distinctive materials remain visible on the streets in the future.

“The packaging at McDonald’s is as much a part of the Netherlands as the tulips, the windmills and the barrel organ. Like it or not, it is an unmistakable part of Dutch street gastronomy,” says cultural historian Geert Jan Boon. “Because of deposit cups and all kinds of other new developments, the packaging materials around us are under increasing pressure. It would be an incredible shame if this iconic material were to disappear forever.

Photo: Wirestock/Depositphotos.com

A McDonald’s cup on the street brings back fond memories for many people.

In cities such as Rotterdam, Arnhem and Leiden, neighborhoods have been identified where McDonald’s packaging will continue to be seen. “We have to be careful about our culinary heritage,” says Boone. “We have to prevent it from being accidentally cleaned. But it is also important that young people who are loiterers and practically trained fast-food eaters continue to have access to this special substance.