December 7, 2023

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McPhee leans on the mother and baby, and the girl stumbles and falls down. The 5-month-old baby girl died

Tragedy in Australia. A Little girl She died in 5 months. While the little girl was in her mother’s lap, her mother stumbled as a Macby jumped on them in Clinton Park, Brisbane. According to the Queensland Ambulance Service, the girl was taken to hospital but died of her injuries in the fall.

A fundraising campaign was launched

“The parents and everyone there did a wonderful job, they took us there very quickly and allowed the little one to have a better chance., Said Tom Holland, a paramedic who attended the event at a news conference. “Despite medical assistants, this is a very rare and tragic eventHolland said. “This is a very emotional scene, my thoughts are with my parents. The relatives started the fundraising campaign with their names Jacob and Simon only to help Mia cover her final expenses and to help her parents.

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