June 2, 2023

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Meet the new generation of ’30s (and find out when the new season starts) | television

Laura (Emma Murgat), Nellie (Sophie Joanne Waters), Jonas (Jill van Heek), Robin (Roman van Houteven) and Sami (Issam Dakka) have built an unbreakable bond in Chiro. About ten years later, they still see each other as family. But the characters of Laura and Neil are real sisters. Very different types, Laura has been with Jonas for over ten years and is looking forward to a family life. But whether Jonas feels the same about this is another story. The other sister, Nell, is more of her own and free spirit. Occasionally, she dates Marvin, but for now she consciously chooses an open, childless relationship.

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Marvin (Malik Mohamed) and Sami work together in a bike shop. Sammy turns out to be the most in charge of the group, a good and needy friend. Which, unfortunately, sometimes comes at the expense of itself. He still lives with his grandmother, which makes his friends wonder if he’ll ever get off the street.

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Robin lives above the bike shop where Sammy and Marvin work. You can best describe him as a confident man. In order to cover the rental costs, he is looking for a roommate. And here comes Ada (Idaly Samad). He reluctantly agrees, as he might discover his secret. A secret that will cost him his entire group of friends.

30s, March 13th every Monday through Thursday around 9:30pm on one day and at VRT MAX. The full season can be watched immediately starting March 13th via VRT MAX.

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