February 6, 2023

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Meghan Markle bought the royal family these gifts for her last birthday at Sandringham: ‘The Queen’s Singing Hamster’ | Kings

KingsThis year Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, were nowhere to be found, but there was a time when they were faithfully present during the royal Christmas festivities. It’s been 2018 since the pair were last photographed after mass at Sandringham. But only today do new details emerge about Christmas Days.

For example, royal family author Omid Scobie knows what gifts Meghan bought for the royal family at the time. Finding the perfect gift for your in-laws isn’t easy anyway, not to mention when your in-laws happen to include the country’s reigning monarch. “The royals don’t buy each other big, expensive gifts,” Scobie says. “They have a special tradition: to buy fun little things.” For example, Harry once gave the Queen a shower cap that read “Ain’t life ab**ch?”. something Elizabeth was affected by at the time.

“The merrier, the better,” Scobie asserts. However, Meghan had a very difficult time with that, she had no idea what to buy for her new husbands or if her gifts were appropriate. However, she managed to score with a few packages. For example, she gave Prince William a spoon that read ‘Cereal Killer’ He had to laugh a lot about that. She also brought a nice thing for the Queen. Or rather: for her dogs. She bought her beloved Singer’s hamster, which was very popular with the dogs. They took it right away.

Meghan celebrated her first Christmas with the royal family in 2017. It was an extraordinary departure from tradition, because usually the partners of princes and princesses are only invited after the wedding. A year later, when Meghan and Harry were already married, she was there again. However, this was her last Christmas at Sandringham, the royal family’s usual Christmas venue. In 2019, her spokesperson revealed that she and Harry had “special plans” for Christmas. In 2020, the couple exited the monarchy and announced that they would now celebrate Christmas in the United States.

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