November 27, 2022

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Meghan Markle on the other side of her acting career: 'She turned into a bimbo' |  Property

Meghan Markle on the other side of her acting career: ‘She turned into a bimbo’ | Property

PropertyMeghan Markle, 41, tells her story herself in the podcast “Archives”. Each episode features a famous guest, and this time it was none other than Paris Hilton (41). The two were talking about beauty And the brainsand how Meghan has often been judged on the former during her acting career. “I want my daughter to have higher ambitions.”

The Duchess said she was grateful for her work as an actress. The work paid the bills and I enjoyed it. Although she found feeling that gave her a terrible downside. “I didn’t like how it made me feel, like I wasn’t smart. I felt compelled to be all appearances,” she said. She would like to see it differently for her daughter, Lillipet (1). Meghan has expressed that she would like Lillipet to be evaluated for her brain, not the way she looks. “I want my daughter to have higher ambitions. I hope that Lee studies and becomes smart, and she is proud of that.”

Sixteen years ago, Markle made her debut in the “Deal or No Deal” series. But suddenly, in the middle of the season, she was gone. “I eventually quit this show. I was so much more than what was portrayed to me. I hated that the focus was only on my looks. My personality was a little bit quintessential. I felt like I was just becoming a bimbo.” She reinforced this anecdote by saying that she literally had to queue up with the other actresses to become “more beautiful”. They received all kinds of beauty treatments, padding in their bra, false eyelashes and hair extensions. “We received weekly coupons for a spray tan. Manufacturers had a very specific picture of what we should look like.” A female executive was said to have asked them to “tighten their stomachs” right before filming.

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Meghan Markle as a suitcase girl in Deal Or No Deal. © GSN

On the podcast, Meghan also admitted that she had prejudices about Paris Hilton before she knew it. “I’m ashamed to say it, but I had prejudices about Paris. Growing up, I saw how beautiful, rich, and famous she was. I thought, ‘Nothing could go wrong in her life, right?”

Listen to the new episode of “Originals” below.

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