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Meryl wraps up Bachelor class: ‘We’ve defended it for so long’

Meryl wraps up Bachelor class: ‘We’ve defended it for so long’

What started out as a joke quickly becomes serious and before 26-year-old Meryl Beaks really knows what she’s started, she’s already in a villa in Mexico. In the podcast “Then?” The reality star tells the full story for the first time a year after her participation on The Bachelor.

“I was really crazy about him, but I also wanted to give him space and peace in his own way”

Merrill begins the podcast by saying that she decided to sign up for the show as some kind of joke after a few beers. “You just don’t expect to be chosen at that moment,” Merrill honestly admits. However, she was called two days later and could come.

As soon as she reached the villa, she whistled through the rings. Only during one of the last episodes do feelings for Thomas appear in Merrill. “I really started to love him when I had that one-on-one date with him,” she says. “But feelings… when I kissed him I didn’t have feelings for him yet. This only came during final date. “

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Meryl wants to share something about that last date. The reality star says that when Thomas wants to show her a picture at the beginning of their date, her eyes are drawn to his pictures with Maureen…in bed. “Not naked or anything, just comfortable in a casual way. But I really like it…and at that moment someone comes from production and says, ‘Blackbird you can pee.’ So I just squirt away,” she explains.

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Because Meryl was Surprised She doesn’t really want to go on a date with Thomas anymore. “I just didn’t remember at the time.” In the end, Meryl convinced the production that she could confront him with pictures without cameras and Thomas apologized to her. “But if you look closely at that episode, I’m very distant and very cautious.”

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In the second part of the podcast, Meryl delves into the next period BSC She says she has experienced seeing herself on TV as “hot”. Just like the fact that all of a sudden everyone has a lot about her. Although she generally receives a lot of positive comments, she also reads a lot of negative messages about herself on social media.

“It really hit me hard,” says Merrill, who also noted that she hadn’t received any help from the program during that time. “Comments from people saying who would suit him better, I thought that was too hot. Because then you really feel like it’s a fight (…) and at the same time you also see him dating other women and that’s really hard on your mental state.”

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Merrill also mentions the so-called “six-month contract.” According to the reality star, that’s not true, but she doesn’t know for sure. You find it very suspicious that Thomas broke up with her exactly six months later.

“He suddenly said, ‘I can’t anymore,'” she says. “For me it just came out of nowhere.” “Of course you do UBS And the drop, because I also became insecure about people who told me he was cheating. “Meryl may have experienced it as the most intense. I was really crazy about him, but I also wanted to give him space and peace of mind,” she explains. method.”

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When Thomas then points out that he doesn’t remember, they decide to take a break – Thomas lays flowers outside and causes a lot of gossip. When Merrill confronts him, he doesn’t give up. But the next day, a video of Thomas kissing was leaked.

“I couldn’t do anything more. I was so angry and so sad, I couldn’t control myself anymore (…) I defended him for so long from: we happy And together I love myself very much. to end like this…”

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Since then, exes have been out of touch. Although Meryl receives a letter from him when her father dies. When Thomas indicated he wanted to talk to her, she asked for a personal conversation to clear the air. “After that, I didn’t get a response.”

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