March 29, 2023

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Messaging app Google translates emoji responses from iMessage

Messaging app Google translates emoji responses from iMessage

the new Translation feature Currently only available for beta users of Google ReportsGoogle’s official text messaging app. It may be rolling out to all users soon.

The update fixes an issue where Android users are not seeing emojis from iPhone users. Instead, they received a separate text message about the response. The feature was first tested in Novemberbut it appears to be already implemented now.

Unnecessary texting

For example, iPhone users can reply to a message with a heart, but an Android user might instead receive a “loved” message in a separate SMS. This resulted in an unnecessarily full inbox for Android users and sometimes a confusing connection.

Two different emoji languages

There are differences between the Android version and the iOS version of emojis. For example, the Apple iMessage heart on Android now appears as a smiley with heart eyes. “Haha” would translate to a smiley with teary eyes. The question mark and exclamation points in Apple on Android translate to emojis that are full of bewilderment, respectively. Thumbs up or down emojis are the same on both platforms.

Small differences between emojis can sometimes be interpreted differently. If you wish, you can simply disable the feature in your Google Messages settings. Therefore, users have to go to the Advanced Settings, where they can uncheck the Show iPhone reactions as emojis option. It is not yet known when the update will be available to all users.