February 6, 2023

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Meta wants to launch its first augmented reality glasses in 2024

Meta wants to launch its first augmented reality glasses in 2024

In 2024, Meta aims to bring its first augmented reality glasses to the market. The second and third model has already been planned.

The most striking feature of augmented reality glasses is that they can perform their tasks independently, without being connected to a smartphone. that reports the edge† Instead, smart glasses must connect to a built-in wireless device. The operating system will be based on Android.

The glasses will initially use known capabilities of augmented reality (AR), such as basic functionality, where an additional digital layer is placed on top of visual reality. Intelligent technology projects images onto the lenses.

Augmented reality glasses with holograms

But Meta goes further. Zuckerberg and his colleagues want to allow people to communicate with each other through holograms of themselves. The Facebook chief says he wants to provide an immersive experience.

That’s why he insisted that the first augmented reality glasses would offer him a “full” augmented reality experience, including 3D visuals and a wide field of view. The Meta initially aimed for a 70-degree field of view, but this could have been a bit ambitious.

Zuck will have to expedite the completion of eyewear development in time if Meta wants to bring it to market by 2024 according to plan. It is not yet known how much augmented reality glasses will cost. It will likely cost more than 300 dollars (270 euros).

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