November 29, 2022

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Metejoor is a rising star on Mia's

Metejoor is a rising star on Mia’s

The first Mia’s Awards since February 2020 have awarded up to 13 different artists. Angèle and Metejoor stood out a bit: they each won three statuettes.

The 14th edition of the Music Industry Awards, the most important Flemish pop music awards, has been postponed for some time. The 2021 edition has been canceled due to the Corona pandemic, and the 2022 edition, which was scheduled to be held on February 3, has also been postponed due to the closure. For example, we received an exceptional double release that should have paid tribute to the best artists from 2020 and 2021.

That flower moment was not unimportant. The interest in the nominations and awards ceremonies—with a prime-time show on One—always translate into a not-to-bad sales climax for participating artists. After two years of suffering from the epidemic, this is of course welcome.

And so Camille, Meskerem Mess and Sylvie Kreuch, among others, were allowed to play in the hearts of viewers during the show from Palais 12. Danira Buchris Turksides spoke in the evening together: she said that in the history of Mia “there was not much vote by the audience.” Remarkably, the audience is quite resilient. Bazart has already won the Mia Award for ‘Best Group’ for the fourth time in five editions – Clouseau only broke that winning streak in 2019. Balthazar gets his ‘alternate’ home for the second time in a row (and third time in total). The category “Hip-Hop” was only added for two years, but it was hijacked for the second time by Tourist Lemc. Willie Sommers also succeeded in the “Flemish Folk” category. There was even a pattern among the losers: after Zwangere Guy didn’t cash in on any of his seven nominations in the previous release, the Brussels rapper is now also behind with zero out of five.

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However, the most emphatic dominance is Angel’s dominance. The Brussels woman has already won the ‘Solo Woman’ award for the third time in a row, ‘Pop’ won for the second time in a row, and also in the ‘Hit of the year’ it is a double: in 2019 she won the main prize for ‘Tout oublier’, and in 2021 she did That with the song Fever, to which she sang Dua Lipa.The singer, who sang Bruxelles, je t’aime during the show herself, said during the show that she was especially proud that such a blitzkrieg song was also a hit in France, and that she is grateful to all Flemish Support, though Dutch stumbles on words of thanks.With a total of 11 figurines, after this edition it was ranked third in Mia’s rating of all time, after Milo (12) and Stromae (17).

From sports teacher to pop musician

Of all those fixed values, the most striking newcomer was Metejoor. On his Mia’s debut, he was nominated in four categories, and came first in three of them. So his award in the “Breakthrough” category made sense – Kempinar, born Joris van Rossem, was allowed to take home two “Dutch” and “Solo Man” awards.

During his acceptance speech, Meteor uttered the winged words ‘God damn what is this?He thanked his sister Lisa, who introduced him to producer Hans Franken five years ago. After all, their collaboration led to such hits as “Rendez-Vous” and “1 op 1 million”, soft love duets with Dutch singers Emma Heesters and Babet. On Spotify, these songs easily exceed 10 million streams, which is not clear for Flemish pop music. The self-titled debut album, featuring both songs, was #1 on Ultratop for four weeks in November 2021.

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For Van Rossem, Mia’s is the culmination of a great year, as he has also appeared on the VTM programmes. real workDancing with the Stars And The Voice Kids† The former sports teacher and student advisor recently said he is still getting used to the stress that this entails Importance of Limburg: There is a description of how he recently came home by bike crying after the carnival in Fossillar. “For five hours I was stopped by people who wanted to make films with me, wanted a photo and an autograph … while I just wanted to relax with my friends.” He said in the same interview that he can enjoy the stage intensely. In the first minutes of the show I always get emotional. Then I think: see me standing here now. I wouldn’t have dreamed of this five years ago.

The winners

Best Song of 2020: Come Closer by Regi, Jake Reese and OT

Event of the Year 2021: Fever by Angèle & Dua Lipa

Pop: Angel

Solo Woman: Angeli

Hack: Meteor

Dutch: Metejoor

Solo Man: Metegor

Dance: Direction

Group: Bazaar

Alternative: Balthasar

Live Show: Balthazar

Album: Bart Peters

Hip-hop: Tourist Lemke

Flemish Folk: Willie Somers

Artwork: Sylvie Kreuche

Author: Stephen Fernandez

Composer: Mauro Paulowski

Producer: Jasper Mackelberg

Video clip: Charlotte Adigiri

Lifetime Achievement Award: Soulsister