December 1, 2022

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Miami qualifiers result: Leclerc takes first place, Verstappen makes a costly mistake

Miami qualifiers result: Leclerc takes first place, Verstappen makes a costly mistake

The first qualifiers ended in Miami. On the circuit around Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, the first was the prey of Charles Leclerc. Tomorrow he will participate in the first row with Carlos Sainz, qualified for second place. Behind this duo, he had the third fastest time led by Max Verstappen.

x 1

Haas drivers Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen started their first qualifying session in Miami. Their colleagues in the nervous circuit soon followed. Ferrari was the first team on the track. However, it was Red Bull Racing that scored first. Ferrari quickly got an answer and Charles Leclerc was the first to dive under the 1:30:00. It was also crowded at the back of the square. Once again, Lewis Hamilton kept it exciting for a long time. The seven-time world champion saved the day in the closing minutes of the session. Esteban Ocon has never gotten into any action thanks to his crash in the last practice. Guanyu Zhou also lost weight as he got stuck in traffic. Magnussen, Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi also pulled out.

Q 2

The second qualifying session in Miami also passed without major problems. Mick Schumacher was once again the first to walk on the track, and it is remarkable that the top teams also got out right away. Up front it was exciting again, but then it wasn’t boring. George Russell was the troubled Mercedes guy this time around and he almost got into trouble. His second attempt wasn’t great either. For a moment he was allowed to hope, but painfully. Saturday ‘disabled. Teammate Lewis Hamilton continued. Other strong drivers, in addition to Russell, also pulled out, calling Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher. It’s little consolation for Schumacher, for the first time he was faster than his teammate.

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Q 3

Everyone went straight to the track at Miami Gardens in the third qualifying round. The men’s drivers knew that it would be difficult, because traffic played an important role on the narrow track. In the first round, the toppers immediately made it very exciting for the fans. Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz were very close to each other and it wasn’t clear at all who would pick up the gauntlet. Then Sainz stunned everyone in Sector One in his second round. He was quick-blooded but had to give up a bit in the second and third sectors. Fellow Leclerc flew in turn, Monegask could smell the scent of first place. Only Max Verstappen could be a burden to him, but it went wrong. The Dutch Red Bull driver made a simple mistake and had to put anchors. Seconds passed and there was no time left for the Dutch player. He had to settle for third place.

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