December 9, 2022

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Michiel De Meyer plays a new character in Samson & Marie: "I was a starstruck"

Michiel De Meyer plays a new character in Samson & Marie: “I was a starstruck”

This week’s recordings Samson and Marie Ice Cream I started. In the series, Samson and Mary travel across the country with their ice cream parlor on wheels. first stop? Grote Markt in Mechelen. first client? Fireman Bell, played by actor and music star Michel de Meyer (28). “If the kids dressed up as Firefighter Bill at the carnival in a few years’ time, my turn would have been a success.”

Hanne De Vleeschouwer

Michel de Meyer is totally blown away when he first arrives on the set Samson and Marie Ice Cream† The 28-year-old actor has worked with TV shows and musicals such as residencedance And 40-45 He already had a lot of experience, but in addition to being an absolute hero in childhood, he was never allowed to act before. “I was little starstroke When I first saw Samson. I used to watch every sunday Samson and GeertThen the Smurfs still in between. I never thought I could play one of Samson’s best friends now. Of course I hoped, because I always wanted to be an actor.”

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The worst firefighter in the world

De Meyer is dressed in a bright yellow Bell suit, a clumsy firefighter who can’t put out fires. Bill is the worst firefighter in the world. Once he tried to put out a fire, but then the whole street caught fire. Everywhere Bill goes, something goes wrong.”

Like the other new characters, Fireman Bill becomes one of Samson & Marie’s best friends. “Bell constantly acts like he can do anything. Samson thinks he too looks up to Bell. Mary no, she is well aware that Bell is not smart.”

young audience

Samson and Marie Ice Cream She will receive 50 episodes and will air on Ketnet this fall. Unlike loops Samson and Geert, which was almost always played indoors on the same set, Samson & Marie travels all over Flanders. This is brand new for both Michel de Meyer and Marie Verhulst. They say, “The kids pass by and then stop and watch.” “In my case, they haven’t recognized me yet,” de Maier says. “But they like it right away. They think I’m the real Samson & Marie firefighter. That’s the great thing about playing for kids: they can really give away who you are.”

De Meyer still enjoys acting for children. “When director Bart van Limbotten says I can act ‘crazy’ for once, I can literally choose the way I do it. Acting for young children isn’t very calculated, which allows me to completely abandon myself. Firefighter Bill is also a character. Real. He laughs funny and he’s clumsy. I like to exaggerate it.”

Four new characters (but not really)

Samson & Marie welcome four new guest characters. But if you read the description of their character, they will still be familiar.

Michel de Meyer takes on the role of firefighter Bill, who always wants to help people. He’s just kind of clumsy, which means things often (read: always) go wrong. Van Limhosen was the clumsy handyman at Samson & Gert. Echoes of the past can still be found in Bakkerin Florentine (Martine de Jager) and artist Trees (Goele De Raedt). Both look like hairstylist Alberto. Florentines prefer to eat her cakes over her bread. Alberto also loved to have it in the candy cupboard, as evidenced by the song Alles is op. The trees prefer to be called Therese. Because it wasn’t Albert, it was Albertowow. Finally, our new gymnastics teacher Tarek (Samir Hassan) is very active and wants to win. This sounds a bit like the know-it-all Octaaf De Bolle and “that’s just one of my specialties”. (eadp)

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