November 27, 2022

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Mick Jagger: Brexit is a nightmare

Mick Jagger: Brexit is a nightmare


front man rolling stones Mick Jagger (78) once again voiced his criticism of Brexit. According to him, going on tour with his band is a “nightmare”.

In an interview with Sunday times she has rolling stones– in front of the manMick Jagger has expressed his dissatisfaction with Brexit and the impact on his career. “There are a lot of supply chain problems,” he said. Many shortages, many problems as a result of Brexit. It wasn’t a success for the British music industry.”

Jagger continued: “I’m not saying, ‘Well, we need to rejoin the European Union. “Unfortunately this is all in the past. But from personal experience and talking with friends who work in other sectors, this is not a success. It is a nightmare. We have isolated ourselves. This sounds good to some, but it is more of an ideology than a matter of process.”

In the past, Jagger has been critical of Brexit. In 2017, he wrote two songs, England lost And Gotta get a fistTo express his opinion on the matter.

Joined on July 11, 2022 rolling stones For the first time in eight years in our country. They do it at the King Baudouin Stadium.

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