June 9, 2023

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Mick Jagger’s daughter arrested in Ibiza for beating an officer

Jewelry designer Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, was arrested on Wednesday night after she got into a confrontation with several police officers in Ibiza. Jagger attacked the officers, beating and insulting them after her companion attacked them when they tried to arrest him over a quarrel in a restaurant in the area, during which he assaulted employees and customers.

The 51-year-old designer spent the night in police cells at Ibiza Police Station and must appear in court on Friday. The accident happened around 9 pm on Wednesday. Jagger and her companion were eating at a restaurant in the city center when the man showed aggressive behavior towards the staff because they refused to serve him any more alcoholic drinks.

The man, who was “out of control”, was asked to leave the institution, and since then the police, who received a call to the scene of the accident, began searching for him. He displayed aggressive behavior and was invited to leave the premises, after which the police, after receiving a tip-off, began searching for him.

When the officers found the man, he resisted arrest, pushed them away, and cursed at them. At that moment she came Jade Hunter She emerged from a nearby entrance and confronted the police, even scratching a female officer. A number of officers had to receive medical attention from an ambulance due to the severity of the blows. Both Jagger and the man are charged with an offense against authority.