July 24, 2024

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Microsoft provides a modified version of Paint for W11 test users – Computer – News

Microsoft has revamped its Paint app and made it available to Windows Insiders running Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. The application has, among other things, a modified toolbar.

Microsoft has In their own words A modern twist on the classic Windows drawing program. Paint for Windows 11 includes rounded corners and a “mica” design style. Mica It is the name Microsoft gives to the technology to automatically align the surface color of an application with the background color. Microsoft uses this frequently in Windows 11.

The toolbar has been simplified with Paint for Windows 11 and the icons have been changed. There is also a dropdown menu with drawing tools for brush strokes and rotation, among other things. The text input tool has also been changed to be able to work faster with text in images. Microsoft promises more changes. Paint hasn’t yet had dark theme support, there will be a central canvas and dialogs will receive an update.

In terms of functionality, Paint is almost identical to the current version. The more comprehensive Paint 3D app is not part of Windows 11. Users must optionally install it from the Microsoft Store.

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