January 28, 2023

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Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 licenses

Anyone who still wants to install Windows 10 should be quick. Microsoft will no longer offer licenses after January 31st. Support will continue for several years.

January 31, 2023 is the last day Microsoft will make Windows 10 licenses available. As of February, the version of Windows will no longer be available directly from Microsoft, and it is unknown if you can still obtain a license through Microsoft authorized distributors. The notice applies to both the Private Home Edition (€145, including VAT) and the Pro version for SMEs (€259, including VAT).

By discontinuing Windows 10 licenses, Microsoft wants to promote the transition to Windows 11. Windows 10 has been on the market since 2014, so Microsoft must have thought there was enough time to download the operating system. Hobbyists who are still building their Windows 10 PC or companies that have it to the last day Stuck with Windows 7 And it doesn’t qualify for Windows 11 it should be fast.

Support until 2025

If you still want to continue using Windows 10, don’t worry. Microsoft promises to continue providing the software with updates through October 2025, and it reiterates that promise. Although support for Windows 10 21H1 is now available until it stops. Little by little, it seems that Microsoft really wants to prepare us for the end of Windows 10.

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Windows 11 may be the future, but for the time being the predecessor still rules. According to the figures from Statistics counter At the end of 2022, two out of three PCs were still running Windows 10. Windows 11 was seventeen percent and gradually closing the gap. Even Windows 7 still has more than 10 percent share two weeks before the end of support for Extended Security Updates.

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