July 19, 2024

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Microsoft wants to increase productivity with games in Teams

Microsoft wants to increase productivity with games in Teams

Microsoft has launched “Games for Work” in Teams. Games should break the ice between employees and start better collaboration.

You can open the next meeting in Teams with Solitaire, Minesweeper, Wordament or IceBreakers. Microsoft is bringing games to its communication platform via the “Games for Work” app. The internal test It turned out to be successful. All games are interactive. It is possible to start a game of two players, the maximum number of players is 250.

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IceBreakers have to start the conversations by presenting the fellows with a question in which they can choose from two answer options. In Minesweeper, teams must work together to complete objectives quickly. Wordament is more competitive and allows you to be creative with your words. Finally, according to Solitaire Advertising Favorite game. The game has a challenge mode where two teammates can compete against each other while the others in attendance take on the role of spectators.

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Cheap team building

Microsoft allowed the developers of Microsoft Casual Games to design the four games because it is convinced that such games benefit collaboration. Colleagues who barely know each other and who have to work together on a task often limit their actions at first. Team building is a useful icebreaker.

According to Microsoft, Teams now has something better to offer than team building. The company cites a study it conducted Brigham Young University which showed that productivity was 20 percent higher among a group that played short games at work compared to colleagues who did a team-building activity.

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The app will be available in Microsoft Teams Enterprise and Education.