March 28, 2023

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Microsoft wants to make the Power platform with AI as ubiquitous as Excel or Outlook

Microsoft hopes to attract more people without coding experience to its power platform by integrating its AI-based Copilot software there as well.

Do you want to automate something? Then all you have to do is ask. And preferably not to the overworked developers in the basement, but to Microsoft Copilot. Under this heading, Microsoft incorporates GPT-4A model with a large language (LLM) within its energy platform. Advertising is part of it The future of workThe company, which also announced Copilot for Microsoft 365 during that digital event, along with a business version of ChatGPT called Business Chat.

ChatGPT is in power

Copilot brings LLM-AI to energy applications, energy virtual agents, and energy automation. The intent is for the co-pilot to help the staff build the automation, by taking over the bulk of the technical work. In theory, Copilot can build an automation in seconds using a description in your own words.

By making automation simple, an essential part of modern work reaches a broader audience, according to Microsoft. Redmond hopes the introduction of GPT-4 intelligence will make the power platform as accessible as classic Microsoft 365 apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft also notes that it has been working on integrating AI into its low-code platform since 2019. However, Copilot needs to significantly enhance capabilities.

Chatbots in apps

Not only will this technology help people build automation and applications within the Power Platform, but it will become a component of the power applications themselves. After all, you’ll be able to integrate a GPT-based chatbot into Power Apps with Copilot in Power Virtual Agents.

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It is still not clear how this will work in practice, and when this vision of the future will become a reality. Microsoft, like Google, does not share details about pricing or the availability of future AI integrations.