February 6, 2023

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Miguel Vielz comes with the second edition of the marathon performance of 23,000 vacant seats |  Music

Miguel Vielz comes with the second edition of the marathon performance of 23,000 vacant seats | Music

MusicMiguels Viels is once again throwing a party at Sportpaleis: on Saturday January 22nd from 6pm he will sing with his band and more than 100 artists during the second edition of “24 HOURS LIVE”. The Musical Marathon will be held again with 23,000 empty seats, but thanks to the live broadcast on HLN.be and via the HLN app, everyone can follow the unique concert from the front row for free.

At the beginning of this year, Miguel Viels was so tired of being unemployed as a musician that he and Aniline Gables from Les Flamands created “24 HOURS LIVE”. In March, 119 artists sang over 400 songs live during an unprecedented marathon. A trick, a year after Corona, without live music. “We paid all the technicians and musicians, but we didn’t earn a single cent, and that wasn’t the intent,” says Miguel. “We just wanted to be on stage again. Just like now. Since most of the pals have an empty agenda again, the follow-up is tidy. Everyone needs a boost of positivity in these dark winter months. We also got it with the first release.”

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Every artist says yes

“We didn’t know what to expect at the time, but it was a huge hit. For the artists and the fans. We were absolutely amazed when it turned out that about 650,000 families had tuned in to the live broadcast. They saw how artists of all kinds and of all genres performed together and alongside each other.” This created a unique sense of solidarity and connection. We never thought our initiative would be so warmly welcomed. With the second edition, we want to show once again how resilient and connected our sector is.” The squad leader now calls out to fill out the poster. “I just notice the enthusiasm on the other end of the line. Every artist I’ve contacted has already committed. It’s heartwarming. Everyone is eager to pop another night and day. We’re going to a bigger party, with a lot of the same but maybe more artists. It’s It’s amazing to have so many colleagues on the same stage in one show. And something I’m really proud of.”

“24 HOURS LIVE” is a co-production of Les Flamands, Sportpaleis Group and Live Nation made possible thanks to DPG Media. The event can be followed live and for free via HLN.be and in the HLN app. More information: www.24uurlive.be.

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