December 6, 2023

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Matig Club Brugge wipt over Antwerp naar de tweede plek na zenuwslopende zege in Eupen

Mild Brugge jumps over Antwerp to second after nerve-wracking win in Leoben

Club Brugge occupies second place again after its frugal victory over Eupen (1-3). For a long time, the Bruges pass in the eastern counties looked suspiciously like a healthy walk after Vanaken’s early goal and a hit from de Ketillary. But in the end, the blue and black Mignolet was still allowed to thank Mignolet on his bare knees.

A dreary afternoon in the East Cantons, where Club Brugge has been staying since Saturday evening to pick up the group Match day To save a long trip. Schroeder didn’t have many reasons to switch after the win over Charleroi: a restored Buchanan replaced Sobol, with Lange and de Kettlery staying ahead. Eupen did it for the first time without firing Krämer and with Valkanis on the bench, and it seems the fans only moderately appreciated it. “Kramer us,” the spy wrote a large banner, heart under the belts of his former fans.

Did this change in training cause a malfunction? not exactly. The weather wasn’t right for that, but Club Brugge had been walking healthy for a long time Am Kehrweg† Less than ten minutes went before Vanaken scored in the seventh of the season with a Skov Olsen corner kick. On the flip side, Mignolet could quietly watch while his teammates had the panda completely in their fists. Yubin tried jerky from time to time, but there was no way. Offensively, after this opening goal, the club was a bit weak: it took until the 30th minute before Buchanan got his big chance, but Noureddine was saved. And it didn’t get into the Kindi’s Smart Ride, either. The club could have rested 0-1, but in the second half it could have been a bit more. Because as long as the second target didn’t get stuck, Eupen could hope to get a point from scratch.

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Photo: BELGA

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It was quickly said and done: the club immediately started looking for 0-2 after the break. A quick rebound put De Ketelaere alone in front of Noureddine, but the young striker hit the wrong side of the post. But Eupen also woke up: Privlejac took Mignolet in his hand, but the goalkeeper fell off well. The goal was scored on the other side. Lang threw a sharp ball into the penalty area, where Amat applauded the ball at the feet of de Kettleri. He gently nodded, turned his hips, and shot Noureddine from a sharp angle. The score was due 0-2. Club finally got rid of Yubin? number. Because in the hour the panda can already score against. Buchanan choked his head and fired Nuho, who shot into the far corner. The rescue of Mignolet fell to Privlejac, who had to be pushed inside. The beginning of Bruges’ inner eruption.

Mild Brugge jumps over Antwerp to second after nerve-wracking win in Leoben

Photo: BELGA

So we had another match, and Eupen was really starting to build up the pressure. The perfect replacement for Nohu had a lot to do with that. Schroeder decides to step in and bring in Ballantek to restore balance, and Adamian also has 20 minutes left. Losing the ball from the latter almost caused Mignolet to have a nervous breakdown. He had to pry Nuhu off the goal with a powerful leg pass: he had to slip the ball anyway. The club really played with fire, and in fact needed a third goal. Adamian also got a double chance at it, but he squandered it. The Armenian later compensated and scored the editorial goal. In the last minute, Rits was released well into the sixteenth, retaining the overview and serving his Armenian teammate. 1-3 became a breeze.

Club Brugge is back in second place after defeating Antwerp, and Schroeder also had something to celebrate: for the Dutchman, it’s his first six out of six since his appointment. Eupen keeps slipping down below and can’t get rid of the drop specter.