June 5, 2023

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Meer open ruimte creëren in het dichtbebouwde Vlaanderen is een van de pijlers van het beleid van Demir.

Minister Demir buys 11 plots of land to create more open spaces in Flanders

By purchasing land and buildings, necessary interventions can be made on site and plans are also effectively converted into practice. This concerns purchases in the province of Antwerp and in the cities and municipalities of Boechout, Boortmeerbeek, Lier, Linter, Mechelen, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Tervuren, Vorselaar and Zoutleeuw.

Creating more open space in densely populated Flanders is one of the pillars of Demir’s policy. “The importance of nature becomes clearer year by year. To relax, but also to protect us from the consequences of climate change,” the minister said in a press release. With targeted purchases, you want to remove the “missing links” between important areas. The projects are implemented by local partners.

Concretely, the land will be purchased in the Molenbeek Valley, in the southern suburbs of Antwerp, for 136,200 euros. “The approach enables a broad social project and the design will contribute to a food forest, humid nature restoration, water retention and improved access to the Molenbeek Valley between Boschok and the Ranst Forest,” the book states on Tuesday.

In Boortmeerbeek, €300,000 will be allocated to the purchase of Molensite and the plots of land in Audenhovenlaan. “Sites are further protected and protected through planning, a sustainable future perspective is put in place, environmental values ​​are given a major boost, and residents are given access to a piece of green space nearby, a missing part in the link between Weesbeek’s existing recreational connections and can Preserving the mill as a heritage item is remarkable.”

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About 44,000 euros will go to the city of Lier for the purchase of plots in the landscaped park Pallieterland. “On the one hand, the acquisition offers the possibility of slow road connections with the core areas, and on the other hand it ensures connection with the Ringdijk. The plot can be arranged using small landscape elements and walking rings.”

130,500 euros will go to the municipality of Lenter for the Getestrand and Waterhof. “The planning of these strategic sites brings the themes of ‘village quality’ and ‘valley island landscape’ together. With the acquisition, parts of the backbone ‘Het Groene Spoor’ and ‘Dormaalbeek’ can be realized. These two green-blue ribbons cross the area” , stated in the press release.

The city of Mechelen will receive €558,100 for the purchase of Bos van Loos and the purchase of land along the Ragheno site at Bautersemstraat. Bos van Loos, also known as “Betzenbroeck Court”, is a castle range located southeast of the city centre, in the Sint-Albertus sub-community of Muizen. “The intent of this purchase is to enhance the prestige within and around the city’s green and blue network and provide an answer to the need for accessible green spaces. In addition, a block of land has been acquired to create an island in Ragheno and then open a new neighborhood with a beautiful open street with Links to the Arsenaal Connection.”

€44,725 will also go to the municipality of Sint-Katelijne-Waver to buy Pasbrugbos. “Pasbrugbos will become an important green pool and protected oasis in the Pasbrug region, a densely populated area on the border of Sint-Katelijne-Waver. After purchase, the plots will be converted into a nature reserve, upgraded and open green link in the Vrouwvliet Valley.”

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€428,100 has been reserved for the municipality of Tervuren to purchase a plot of land in Hertenbergstraat. The plot is one of the last undeveloped areas between the village of Tervuren and the Sonian Forest. “The area is therefore strategically located due to the connection between the extensive forest complex and the upper reaches of the Voer,” it appears.

The municipality of Forselaer will receive 45,000 euros for the plots of land in the Graafweide Schupleer project with leverage. “Purchase subsidy contributes to important spatial goals: achieving slow connecting roads that are accessible to the public, easing the valley system by removing weekend shelters, fish ponds and horse stables, and expanding nature and wooded areas to achieve the Natura 2000 goals.”

Finally, €76,300 has been allocated to the city of Zoutleeuw, for the acquisition within the Spanish Castle project. Zoutleeuw city center regularly faces serious flood problems: the center is located in a seepage zone and at the confluence of many small and large waterways such as Kleine Gete and Dormaalbeek. It appears that “purchasing in the natural flood zone has been determined in close consultation with local residents and farmers who are regularly affected by floods”.