July 19, 2024

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Mitutoyo presents the automated measuring cell – MetalNieuws, the latest news from the metallurgy industry

Mitutoyo presents the automated measuring cell – MetalNieuws, the latest news from the metallurgy industry

Demand for automated production has accelerated in recent years. In addition, lead times and customer requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, increasing the demand for new and adapted measurement technologies. To respond to this, Mitutoyo – in collaboration with its subsidiary Komeg – has developed an automated cell that demonstrates in a simple way how, using a pick and place solution, products are transported, positioned and measured completely automatically, using contact and non-contact methods of contact measurement. The goal is to show customers that Mitutoyo can provide fully automated measuring solutions customized for customers, as well as in the OEM market.

Quick view Apex Pro

Mitutoyo will also offer Quick Vision Apex Pro; This is the fifth generation of 3D communication and high-level non-contact measurement. The CNC Vision family of measuring machines continues to evolve and is now a proven concept at Mitutoyo, an indispensable leader in advanced high-tech measuring technologies for the medical, automotive and semiconductor industries.

Microscope measurement

Mitutoyo has also proven itself in the field of measuring microscopes. Mitutoyo has a wide range of measuring microscopes; The MF-U, a measuring microscope for high-resolution applications, will be presented. This linear measuring microscope is equipped with an in-house developed optical system with high-quality objectives in a motorized or non-motorized turret. Measurements are visualized using the Vision Module – Camera System from Mitutoyo.

Quick Vision Apex Pro is the fifth generation of 3D communication and non-contact measurement at a high level.

When inspecting 3D objects visually, factors such as distance, tilt, movement and multiple reflections inevitably result in out-of-focus surfaces in every image taken; This is the always known problem with conventional lenses. With Mitutoyo’s revolutionary taglines, this is a thing of the past. With the ultra-fast multifocal lens, the image will always remain sharp, even with differences in elevation, allowing for the highest observation efficiency ever.

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In addition to more than 8,000 measurement solutions, Mitutoyo also provides SPC software called MeasurLink. This software package is an easy-to-use, real-time static process control data collection software. MeasurLink combines real-time data collection, SPC charts, SPC analyzes for operators, real-time quality monitoring and alerts for the entire production system. MeasurLink can be used for digital manual measuring equipment as well as all Mitutoyo measuring systems.

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