January 29, 2023

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MLID: Intel Raptor Lake CPUs are much more expensive than their predecessors

MLID: Intel Raptor Lake CPUs are much more expensive than their predecessors

Ahead of the announcement of the 13th generation of Intel Core processors, YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead shared more information about suggested suggested retail prices. So it looks like the Lake Raptor will cost significantly more than the 12,000 series. In addition, Alder Lake will also become more expensive at retailers, although it’s not clear if Team Blue will raise the recommended prices.

According to the link, the i9-13900K (F), i7-13700K (F), and i5-13600K (F) will be 11-27% more expensive than their Alder Lake predecessors. In relative terms, the Core i7 skus seems to be the most expensive: with a starting price of $ 439, the 13700KF will be at least 14% more expensive than the i7-12700KF, if the maximum of $ 489 is used, the difference will not be less. of 27.3%. The regular 13700K will cost 12.2 to 26.9% more.

Healer Expected MSRP ($) Suggested Retail Price Advance (in dollars)
i9-13900 K 659 – 729 589
i9-13900KF 629 – 699 564
i7-13700K 459 – 519 409
i7-13700K 439 – 489 384
i5-13600K 329 – 349 289
i5-13600KF 299 – 329 264

These price increases are consistent with previous rumors. In addition to increasing prices for several products, MLID claimed earlier this month that Intel wanted to make Raptor Lake 30% higher than its predecessor. However, after the announcement of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors and their corresponding price tags, the manufacturer had already compromised.

Lake Raptor is expected to be revealed on September 27, followed by its launch on October 20.

MLID (YouTube)

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