October 5, 2022

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Model Bella Hadid got a rhinoplasty at the age of 14 and she regrets it

Model Bella Hadid got a rhinoplasty at the age of 14 and she regrets it


Model Bella Hadid, 25, regrets undergoing plastic surgery at the age of 14. She said this in an interview with Vogue magazine† In the same interview, she talked about the difficulties she faces in the fashion industry. “I always felt I had no right to complain or ask for help.”

Hadid regretted that she underwent rhinoplasty at the age of 14. That’s what you say Vogue magazine† She said, “I wish I had kept my grandparents’ noses.” “I think I would have grown up in it.” According to many other rumors, a nose job will not be the only procedure that the model undergoes. But the 25-year-old denies this. “People always have something to say, but what I have to say is that I am always misunderstood in my field of work and by the people around me.”

In the interview, Hadid also spoke in detail about the burnout she went through last year and which she has also been treated for. “There were people online who said: You live such a wonderful life, how do you complain? I always felt that I had no right to complain, which means I had no right to ask for help, and it was my first problem.”

During the interview, the model also refers to his “multiple childhood traumas”, but also notes that working in the fashion industry is having an effect. While some progress has been made in this sector in recent years, she believes there is still much room for improvement. “Fashion can make or break you,” she said. “Finally the girls are talking about Sample sizes, but when I started seven years ago, I didn’t fit in at Saint Laurent. And I remember a hairstylist talking about my weight because I couldn’t close my zipper. Looking back I think, yes, because Saint Laurent-Sample volume From the podium it wasn’t a real size for anyone. But then you think something is wrong with you, and no one around you says: No, no, you’re fine, don’t worry, it’s a small size

Hadid also spoke about her sister and fellow model Gigi (26 years old). “I was the ugly sister. I was a brunette. I wasn’t as cute as Gigi, and I wasn’t extroverted.” And unfortunately: when you hear things a lot, you start to believe them. I always ask myself how a girl who is incredibly insecure, anxious, depressed, has body image issues, has trouble eating, hates being touched, has extreme social anxiety… has ended up in this business. But over the years she has become a good actress.”

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