April 1, 2023

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Moldova dismantles the “Moscow mastermind” group that sought to destabilize the country

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Moldovan police have arrested members of a network “organised by Moscow” aimed at destabilizing the tiny former Soviet country. The police announced this Sunday, a few hours before the start of an anti-government demonstration in the capital, Chisinau.

glisource: BELGA

After several home searches on Saturday night, the police questioned 25 men. Police chief Viorel Cernotyan told a news conference that seven of them had been arrested.

A police officer manages to infiltrate the group, led by a Russian-Moldovan man. Police had more than ten hours of his conviction on video and audio recordings. “The personnel came from Russia with a specific training mission,” Sernautyan said. According to him, the police intervened after “receiving information about the plans of the Russian special forces to destabilize the country with demonstrations.”

The party of the fugitive pro-Russian oligarch Ilhan Shor has rallied its supporters again in recent weeks against the pro-European government as relations between Moscow and Chisinau sour. He organized several demonstrations, but was accused of giving money to the participants. Another demonstration is scheduled for Sunday afternoon in Chişinău.

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