September 26, 2022

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Monkees member Michael Nesmith dies - D-Standard

Monkees member Michael Nesmith dies – D-Standard

Nesmith was one of the four Monkees best known for a song like “I’m a Believer”. The American band was originally assembled by television producers for the sitcom of the same name and peaked in the late 1960s, Nesmith turning 78.

Michael Nesmith, the monk in the green wool hat, died of natural causes at home. His family announced that rolling rock It was confirmed by his manager, Andrew Sandoval.

The quartet, which includes Mickey Dolenz, Peter Turck, and Davy Jones as well as Nesmith, was originally put together by television producers for the musical of the same name that aired on NBC from 1966 to 1968. They performed songs that They were written specifically for the program and they got to the charts. Their most famous song “I’m a Believer” was written by Neil Diamond and featured in four episodes of the sitcom.

But in 1967, the Monkees made their way out of the television studio. Nesmith, in particular, insisted that the band take creative control. He said in 2012, “We had our own taste in music and were happier when we brought in songs we liked and wrote for ourselves than when we played the songs we were given.” Rolling rock. He wrote songs like “Listen to the Band” and “The Girl I Know Somewhere”.

Germ for MTV

In 1970, the band broke up, although they later met several times to reunite. A month ago, Nesmith and Mickey Dolens did a show together. Dolenz is now the last remaining Monkey.

After the Monkees, Michael Nesmith recorded three country rock albums with the first national band and also released a lot of solo works. In 1980 his mother passed away and the inheritance was invested in a multimedia company, among other things. with the program Popclips On Nickelodeon, where the music videos were shown, Nesmith sowed the seeds for later MTV in 1980.

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Michael Nesmith was born in Kansas in 1942 and would have turned 79 on December 30. He married three times and left three sons and a daughter.