February 1, 2023

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Montana Mayland single again after eight years: ‘Sometimes there comes a time to let go’

A few months after the wedding of Maxime Meiland, less happy news comes from the well-known Meiland family. Eldest daughter Montana is single again.

Tom Fitts

Montana has been with Dirk Hoogstraten for many yearswhich appeared regularly in Chateau Milland. Martien Meiland’s daughter says on her Instagram that each of them “go their own way.” She writes: “We’ve had beautiful moments together, but sometimes there comes a time to let go of each other.” “We love each other but each one goes his own way.” Despite never having any issues on TV, the couple has gone through a relationship crisis before. Dirk was also less visible at the time Chateau Milland. But in the end everything seemed fine again.

Dirk also responds on his social media and says they are still good friends. “Right now, we are taking a step back in our relationship to find ourselves again. After all that has happened around us in recent years, we have changed. Positive and negative, conscious and unconscious. This can only be achieved by letting go of each other for the moment and seeing What the future brings us. We love each other and will remain good friends.” The two have been a couple for eight years.

New season recordings Chateau Milland Already in progress. It will resume broadcasting in the Netherlands on February 27. It is still not clear when the series will be back on Play5.

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