May 26, 2022

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'Moonfall' review: 'Roland Emmerich is making it so grumpy right now'

‘Moonfall’ review: ‘Roland Emmerich is making it so grumpy right now’

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Review: Moonfall (2022)

direction: Roland Emmerichspit: Halle BerryPatrick WilsonJohn BradleyCharlie Plummer.. “Roland Emmerich’s work must always be taken with a grain of salt. With his latest work, he makes it so colourful.” …

Read full Review “the moon” Written by Arjan Wells.

Review: Ambulance (2022)

direction: Michael Bayspit: Jake GyllenhaalYahya Abdul-Mateen IIEza GonzalezGarrett Delahunt

.. “At Michael Bay you know exactly what to expect. In this regard, the ambulance does not disappoint, provided it is your cup of tea.” …

Read full Review ‘Ambulance’ Written by Arjan Wells.

Review: Drive My Car (2021)

direction: Risuke Hamaguchispit: Hidetoshi NishijimaToko MiuraRika KirishimaPark Yo Rim

.. “Japanese Oscar nominee. Just because a movie has a beat doesn’t always mean it’s fast. Or short.” …

Read full Review “driving my car” Written by Rod Voss.

Review: Red Rocket (2021)

direction: Sean Bakerspit: Simon RexBree ElrodSusanna’s sonBrenda Dis

Sean Baker’s comedy drama about a darker side of American society…

Read full Review red rocket Written by Kaj van Zoolen.

Review: La Mifu (2021)

direction: Fred Belevspit: charlie ardecassia da costaAmandine GulayClaudia Group

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… “This tight-knit family is held together in the most chaotic and chaotic way.” …

Read full Review “No Maeve” By Aram Ishak.

Review: Little Man, Time and Troubadour (2019)

direction: Inick Smitsspit:

“A Magical Touch Documentary that Shares Personal Memories of the War in Georgia”…

Read full Review “Little Man, Time and Troubadour” Written by Lisa van der Waal.

Review: I’m so sorry (2021)

direction: Zhao Liangspit:

“A silent documentary about the ruins that remained after a nuclear disaster”…

Read full Review “I’m so sorry” Written by Jacqueline Maes.