October 3, 2023

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More than 100 Lidl stores closed due to strike against h...

More than 100 Lidl stores closed due to strike against h…

At supermarket chain Lidl, more than 100 of Belgium’s 309 stores will be closed on Wednesday as a result of the strike against high work pressure. This concerns more than 60 branches in Flanders and more than 40 branches in Wallonia and Brussels. There are also procedures in two of the five distribution centers.

In Flanders, according to Con de Bonder, a representative of the Christian trade union ACV Puls, 75 stores have closed. Two of the five distribution centers have also been banned: one in Golghem and the other in Genk. De Bonder says many stores in those areas are also closed.

At Lidl, social conflict over the large workload has been lurking for a long time. There were already actions at the supermarket chain this spring, when, among other things, some distribution centers were banned.

Today’s actions come after the failed reconciliation meeting earlier this week. And unions say management has not wanted to accede to a number of employee demands. For example, unions required employee tasks to be measured over a long enough period, but management only wanted this measurement to be done for one week at a limited number of branches, says BBK.

Wouter Parmentier (ACV Puls) says the 42-hour-a-week boost per store, which was introduced four years ago, is at risk. They want to take 20 hours off that. The promise of an in-house commercial crew (a type of flying crew) has also been swallowed up.

Management regrets the strike

Lidl management regrets the strike. She hopes to be back with the guilds soon. “We regret that the consortium partners decided on Monday to cancel the meeting,” Liddell spokeswoman Isabel Colbrandt said. There was a proposal on the table with several measures to better organize the work of our colleagues in the stores. Unfortunately, social partners choose to take action. Our customers are among the victims of this.

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Management says several measures have been taken in recent months to improve the organization of work in stores, by automating tasks or outsourcing them. New proposals have been introduced that will benefit both the well-being of the branch staff and the operations of the branches. According to the management, there are also initiatives to speed up the influx of new colleagues. She is still available for consultation.