November 30, 2022

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More than 100,000 tenants avoid rent indexing

More than 100,000 tenants avoid rent indexing

For homes with an EPC value of E or F, the rent is frozen for a year. It is allowed to rent real estate with an amount of EPC D to index half, and the rest in full. The Flemish government decided so.

This measure aims to support tenants during the energy crisis. Because of high inflation, they are at risk of facing high price increases. If they also live in a poorly insulated home with a high energy bill, they are doubly affected.

Indexing restrictions should prevent this. Concretely, this means that approximately 107,000 tenants (of 560,000) who live in an apartment or house with an EPC value or F, the most energy-intensive home, will keep their current rent for a year. For rental properties without an EPC certificate, about 20 percent of all rental properties, there is also a ban on indexing. For nearly 92,000 renters of an apartment or house with an EPC value of D, the index will be halved. For better to well insulated homes, with an EPC value of A+, A, B or C, nothing changes. They can index.

Housing Minister Matthias Dependael (N-VA) notes that there are also installments Landlords exist to make their rental housing more energy efficient. If they invested enough in seclusion, they would keep their index.

The benefit to the tenant can be significant. The average rent for an apartment is 760 euros. If this is not indexed, it will result in an interest of €912 for one year’s rent. The average rent for a townhouse is 875 euros. If this is only semi-indexed, this means €525 savings for the tenant for one year’s rent. The average rent for a detached house is €1,085. There, the index stop gives the tenant 1,302 euros.

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In addition, the Flemish government also decided to increase the budget Flemish Home Loan From 250 million euros to 1.3 billion euros. This loan is granted to families and individuals with limited income to purchase and/or renovate a home. This way they can borrow at one hundred percent and at an interest rate that is better than commercial interest.

social housing companies He will then be able to borrow to install solar panels on existing homes, as until now this has only been possible through new construction or a major renovation.

He. She eviction prevention fund, which supports PCSWs that help tenants with rent arrears, will also receive additional funds. Tenants who borrowed from the Flemish government to rent deposit Payment may be delayed.