October 7, 2022

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More than 260 omicron infections have already been detected in Denmark...

More than 260 omicron infections have already been detected in Denmark…

Meanwhile, 261 cases of the omikron variant have been identified in Denmark. This was reported by the Danish State Institute of Public Health. The number of infections with the worrying new type of coronavirus is increasing sharply.

Of the 261 cases identified, 188 were detected by PCR tests. The other 73 cases were identified by sequencing, a special technique that allows close monitoring of the distribution of variables of concern.

Denmark first detected the omikron variant on November 28 in two people who had returned from South Africa by plane. On Saturday, the counter stood at 48 confirmed cases, and on Sunday there were already 183 cases of infection. Sunday Reuters.

For example, at a concert in the Danish city of Aalborg, which took place on November 27, ten of the 1,500 attendees were said to have the variant. One infection was detected by sequencing, and the other nine by a special PCR test that detects virus variants. According to the Danes, the test is reliable for detecting the omikron variant. They now also consider infections that they previously categorized as “suspicious” as ohmic circuits.

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