December 7, 2022

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More than 40 million Americans have already voted for the "mid-term elections": Democrats lose majority, according to polls |  Abroad

More than 40 million Americans have already voted for the “mid-term elections”: Democrats lose majority, according to polls | Abroad

More than 40 million Americans have already voted in the midterm elections. That reports the US Elections Project. According to opinion polls, Democrats seem to be losing their majority. Republican officials and candidates have filed lawsuits in at least three so-called “swing states” to challenge the validity of thousands of ballot papers.

It always comes down to ballot papers completed on the days from October 24, which are mainly mailed. The lawsuits coincide with Republican calls for their voters to vote only tomorrow, on election day.

in Pennsylvania The state Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Republican National Committee that election officials should not count votes in which a voter has failed to specify a date on the outer envelope, even in cases where the ballot papers arrive before Election Day. As a result, thousands of cards have been set aside, enough to affect the outcome in a close race.

also in Wisconsin The Republicans won a case. Ballot papers sent by mail do not count if the voter’s address is not fully entered.

In Michigan, Cristina Karamo, the Republican nominee for Secretary of State, assumed the position of chief election officer in the Detroit lawsuit. Karamo wanted all votes cast without an ID card to be declared invalid. Detroit is a predominantly black Democratic city, where residents often do not carry identification, which is not required to vote. So the dignity case was lost. However, critics say the case was only intended to get white voters to vote Republican.

President Joe Biden has been told that the police, judiciary and other government departments see no concrete threats. A White House spokesman said he had nonetheless ordered “all appropriate steps to be taken to ensure a safe vote.”

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A loss for the Democrats?

Biden’s Democrats appear to be losing a majority in the House according to opinion polls, and it could also happen in the Senate. The Republican Party of former President Donald Trump could then block laws and proposals from Biden. This concerns, for example, military and financial support for Ukraine. Biden’s spokesman stressed on Monday that the matter “will not be shaken” even if Republicans are victorious.

Kevin McCarthy, who would become Speaker of the House if Republicans took control of the House, recently warned that no “blank check” would be written to Ukraine if his party was to blame. Ukraine’s war against the Russian invasion does not have the support of a large part of the Republican electorate, despite criticism from lawmakers about former President Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, wants to go further than Biden. According to his spokesman, he will do everything in his power to continue supporting Ukraine.

Governors and Representatives

The United States must renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate tomorrow. A large number of local states, including governors and attorneys, are also at risk.

In recent years, the vast majority of states offer the option of pre- or postal voting, a practice that was widespread in the 2020 presidential election, which took place in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, more than 18 million Americans voted early and in person, 22 million by mail.

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