August 9, 2022

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More than €33 million additional resources for Flemish scientific research in 2022 |  the interior

More than €33 million additional resources for Flemish scientific research in 2022 | the interior

Next year, the Flemish government will invest more than 33 million euros in additional resources in Flemish scientific research. This was stated by Minister for Science Policy, Innovation and Economics Hildi Krevitz (CD&V). The government has concluded six charters with the best research institutions to expand its knowledge and enhance its international standing.

Krevits points out that the past 10 years have shown that continued efforts to aggressively support research and development are paying off. With additional resources, the Flemish government wants to put Flanders more on the map as a knowledge area. “More ground-breaking research also means more knowledge to improve our healthcare or reduce our impact on the environment, for example. In the long run, it will provide each of us with more prosperity. Keeping research close to home ensures that we can reap the benefits ourselves more Faster “.

At the request of Minister Krevits, the government approved six major files. It is about six covenants between the Flemish government, IMEC, VLIZ, VIB, KMDA, Orpheus and ITM, which will define scientific, valuation and resource goals for the next five years.

Imec, VLIZ and VIB

The grant for the imec Strategic Research Center, which researches how digital technologies improve our quality of life, will be increased from 110 to 129.6 million euros for 2022. Imec is currently working on coronary breathing testing, among other things, and is expanding its knowledge of microchips.

The Flanders Maritime Institute (VLIZ) will receive approximately €10.6 million in operational and investment resources in 2022, an increase of €3.5 million. The New Testament provides for a greater research focus on the impact of climate change, so that threats can be identified with timely data or possible solutions offered.

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The Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) will receive a research grant of €74.4 million (+12 million). With these additional resources, he will start, among other things, the Quantum Life Science Research Center, which will firmly choose the direction of artificial intelligence and big data in life science research such as personalized medicine.

KMDA, Orpheus, ITG

A charter of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp and Orpheus, on animal, physics and research in music respectively, was also approved.

Finally, the Institute of Tropical Medicine finds that its research grant has increased by 1 million to nearly 5 million euros annually. The Center for Infectious Diseases Research will strengthen activities in the field of epidemiological research, which is important in the context of the fight against Corona.