November 27, 2022

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Moscow angry at Norwegian consul for saying 'I hate Russians'

Moscow angry at Norwegian consul for saying ‘I hate Russians’

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The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly criticized the “disgraceful” behavior of the Norwegian consul in Russia. “I hate Russians,” Elisabeth Ellingsen, Norway’s envoy in Murmansk, said in a video clip filmed at a hotel in the Russian city.

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The woman was very upset that her room was not cleaned properly and had to switch rooms. She also complained about the problems a female colleague was having in her hotel room. “You guys screw everything up, it’s a shame,” she said at the front desk, then picked up some other expletives at the desk clerks.

Pictures from the surveillance camera were distributed via Telegram. The video was viewed more than half a million times on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Moscow was considering a response to “this outrageous act of hatred, nationalism and xenophobia.”

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo said it deeply regretted the incident. “The feelings expressed do not reflect Norwegian policies or attitudes toward Russia and the Russian people.”

The Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk has been temporarily closed since July 1 due to the “difficult” situation in relations. It was not clear when the accident occurred.

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