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Most Popular Commercial Electric Vehicles in a Row: This Must Know About Costs for Private and Professional Use | MyGuide

JubatThe salary is supplemented in a financially attractive way with additional benefits, such as meal vouchers, group insurance, or health insurance. Of course, the company car also belongs to that list. What are your favorite electric models? And what exactly about splitting costs between the employer and the employee? Jobat.be Provides an overview.

Written by Lisa Myers in collaboration with Gobat

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An analysis by rental company Arval showed that half of the company’s 10 most popular cars are fully electric. Three more places in the top ten are taken by plug-in hybrids. Diesel or petrol vehicles account for only a third of orders placed with Arval.

Employees often receive an electric company vehicle with a charging card for public charging stations (similar to a fuel card), or install a home charging point that works with a “split bill”.

Is the tax benefit of the Electricity Company for cars permanent? Answer eight important questions about this topic.

The most popular electric commercial vehicles in 2022

Here are the top 5 best-selling commercial vehicles:

1.Volkswagen ID.4
2. Mercedes EQA
3- Volvo XC40
4-BMW iX3
5- Mercedes EQ8

What does the future hold for these models? From July 1, employers will pay a multiple of CO2 tax on newly ordered company cars that don’t meet strict emissions standards, while the tax credit for those cars will drop to 0% for the next five years.

Combine these facts with the general movement towards sustainability and you can conclude that the popularity of all-electric commercial vehicles is only going to increase.

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How about (a lot of) private use?

If you also use a company car in your spare time, it is officially a salaried car. The car is then not only used for commuting or driving from the office to the customer or construction site. You and your family can use the car for grocery shopping trips or for a vacation abroad. In this way, the car forms part of your salary package.

A company car often brings many advantages to an employee compared to a private car. The business owner pays for the purchase or rent, insurance, maintenance and repairs, and usually fuel, too.

Whether a company car is cheaper for you than a private car with a mileage limit depends on how often you use the car. A salary car is recommended for those who drive many kilometers in their spare time. Whether this is the case for you, you’d better calculate for yourself. Also consult your employment contract. It describes what you may or may not use the vehicle for. This way you will not encounter any surprises.

If you have a company car that you can also use privately, the tax authorities consider this a taxable benefit. This benefit is credited to your payment receipt along with reasonable normal benefits from which withholding tax is deducted. This is how it is calculated.

What changes when your paycheck car is electric?

Electric driving isn’t just good for the environment. You will also notice the switch in your wallet. With an electric company car, you reduce your VAA (utility in kind) value, because the share of CO2 emissions (which you multiply by the catalog value of the car and 6/7) drops to a minimum of 4 percent. . So you will be subject to less tax on the benefits you receive from the payroll car.

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This VAA includes not only availability, but also all costs related to a charge card or home charging station, electricity provided by the employer, and shipping costs reimbursed by the employer. This does not increase the employee’s BIK.

Company car owner?
Do you have to pay traffic fines yourself while commuting and in traffic at work?

Payment of a home charging station and electricity

There are specific costs associated with an electric vehicle. Under certain circumstances, your employer pays for your home charging station. This tells your business how much electricity you use to charge your car, so you can set up an expense report for that. As an employee, you can install a home charging station yourself, but that makes management very complicated and requires you to always keep track of exactly what you’re getting behind the wheel.

Businesses can also choose to install charging stations in their parking spaces. You can then also ship your company car at no additional taxes. If you charge your own car via a company charging station, you will get an advantage in kind. Finally, your employer can also choose not to pay for electricity for your company car, i.e. if you work in a sector where home travel compensation is not mandatory.

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